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A new generation of interactive toys that develop creativity

A new generation of interactive toys that develop creativity

Every parent wants their child to grow into a creative, intelligent and communicative person, so we are looking for educational solutions that will develop the imagination of our children, support the development of IQ and develop natural talents, while remaining fun and keeping their attention for more than five minutes. There are many toys on the market that make many different promises, but this is a minefield for parents. How do you choose a toy that will not only be a temporary gadget but also a companion in the development of a child, as well as support for parents? The toys we have chosen help develop children through play, which is important for brain development and cognitive abilities. Having fun allows children to develop creativity, and the ability to process information, solve problems and express emotions.

Check out the five best interactive toys that develop children’s creativity!

COMPARISON  Cozmo  Fisher Price  Kodi  Photon Robot  Chip 
Dimensions  5 × 7.2 × 10 inches  21.5 × 24 × 12 inches  11,81 x 5,90 x 5,90 inches  19 × 17 × 17.2 inches  15 × 8.7 × 11.8 inches 
The age range of users  7+  3–6  4–8  5–12  8–15 
Manufacturer  Overdrive  Mattel  SmartLife Systems  Photon  WowWee 
Play-space  a clean, open, indoor space to play  a clean, open, indoor space to play  a clean, open, indoor space to play  a clean, open, indoor space to play  a clean, open, indoor space to play 
Dedicated App  YES  NO  YES  YES  YES 
Accessories  3 interactive cubes  batteries  Cards,  Xylophones,  batteries, cable for charging  USB cable, stickers set  Bluetooth bracelet, docking station for charging , tracking play ball 
Charger  YES  NO  YES  NO  YES 
Facial recognition   YES  NO  YES  NO  NO 
Real time AI assisted talking  NO  NO  YES  NO  NO 
Equipped with artificial intelligence  YES  NO  YES  NO  NO 
Price  200 USD  80 USD  449 USD  170 USD  200 USD 


Photo: https://www.anki.com/en-us/cozmo

Cozmo is the educational robot for kids and adults to learn to creatively code. This toy is equipped with artificial intelligence and has the basic ability to remember, learn and interact. Using facial recognition technology, Cozmo will remember and react enthusiastically every time he sees us. The robot is constructed from around 300 parts, which are used in four motors allowing movement, an LCD screen displaying the current “mood”, and a camera monitoring the robot’s environment. In fact, Cozmo is a game-playing machine offering us games such as Quick Tap, Keepaway and Memory Match. He’s always ready for action!

Fisher Price Movi

Photo: https://www.fisher-price.com/en_CA/brands/think-and-learn/products/Think-and-Learn-Teach-n-Tag-Movi

“Let’s play!” This small educational robot will encourage your child to move and learn. Movi invites children to play actively by teaching them how to follow instructions, think and solve problems, while supporting the development of mobility. Puppies have only three modes and six games that develop the mind and body. The robot teaches children how to perform commands as part of the fun, and it dances and performs contortions on the dance floor. This simple interactive robot will give your child the power to play, teaching him to listen and dance.


Photo: https://www.facebook.com/KodiToy/photos/a.262009717719110/275141506405931

Let me introduce Kodi, the first really interactive AI robot toy for little geniuses! Kodi’s great mission is to support the child in comprehensive development, at the age 4-8 when it is most crucial due to increased formation of neuronal connections. The robot follows child progress and stimulate it to creative thinking – this intelligent robot toy is not limited to a few implemented scenarios. And because of that he helps in areas such as emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, imaginative thinking games, storytelling and vivid interaction supported by hi-tech solution lead to vocabulary expansion and language acquisition. Kodi can provide different language lessons and teach to play xylophones, because he is really musically gifted smart fellow. Thanks to that Kodi can develop and recognize natural talents of kids or enhance when there are some challenges with spelling or counting. Kodi is a leading companion of children, but at the same time supports parents in daily schedule tracking, easy monitoring of the child through the camera, and smart home administration. Kodi immediately ceases to be just another toy: it becomes a faithful friend. Give your kid a great creativity booster and learning inspirator!
KODI is live now, check it out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kodi-the-most-advanced-ai-robot-toy-for-kids

Photon Robot

Photo: https://photonrobot.com/robot/

As we learn best by teaching others, playing with Photon is all about developing the robot’s skills. It is an interactive educational robot that introduces children to the world of new technologies. Photon offers a great opportunity to extend your child’s cognitive abilities, logical thinking and empathy. When you first take the robot out of the box it cannot do anything at all. It is the child’s task to teach it everything from scratch: to recognize words, touch, sounds, etc. The robot can be programmed in thousands of ways. The limit to the fun with Photon is only your child’s patience.


Photo: https://wowwee.com/chip

Children dream about having their own pets, but we cannot always afford a real dog. However, if you want to give your child the pleasure of a small barking gift, you can choose an interactive pet. The Chip is an intelligent robot dog. It behaves like a real dog, reacts to commands and touch, and plays and learns how to behave. Thanks to the application, you can also teach him new tricks, give virtual snacks, change voice commands, and remotely control the robot dog and program new functions. Woof woof! When will the first lesson be?

What to look for when choosing interactive toys?

Parents value interactive toys that can be used on many levels of child development. In times of extraordinary innovation and technological development, the best we can give our children is the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, solve problems and develop emotional intelligence. Therefore, the best choice is a toy that gives the child the opportunity to improve all of these areas. From now on, dear parents, you do not have to do it alone.

What toy do you think your child would be best friends with?

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