Brilliant Gadgets to Get You Exercising More. End of Sedentary Lifestyle
Thanks to extensive research and many studies, we now know just how important exercise is and how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle can be.
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Brilliant Gadgets to Get You Exercising More

Brilliant Gadgets to Get You Exercising More

Thanks to extensive research and many studies, we now know just how important exercise is and how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle can be. However, in between work and everything else that life throws our way, it sometimes seems impossible to squeeze any workouts in. For this reason, we are bringing you some fantastic gadgets that will help with this very problem.


Pull-Up Bar

Both pull-ups and chin-ups are fantastic exercises purely because of the sheer amount of muscles they work; after just one set, you will feel it in your shoulders, back, core, and more. To help you complete this exercise, you will now find pull-up bars that slide onto any doorframe allowing you to exercise whenever, wherever. Regardless of whether it’s first thing in the morning or during your lunch break at work, this handy device will soon become your best friend.


Training Apps

With the invention of smartphones, there are now apps for absolutely everything and that includes personal training. After entering your personal details and your exercise goals, you will soon have a program to stick to as well as useful information regarding your diet and lifestyle. If you only have a short amount of time, choose some short workouts to get the blood pumping.


Walking Desk

Granted, this will not be available for everyone but you can now buy a treadmill that’s attached to a desk. What more could you ask for? Not only are you moving whilst working, you are also saving your back from potential injury caused by slouching.


Balance Board

Similarly, you can also buy balance boards that will keep you on your toes whilst at the desk. Although they may not be as stylish, it is definitely a more affordable option. As you balance on the board, you will be working muscles and keeping them active.



Sometimes, we genuinely forget to workout or go for a run and we just need a gentle reminder; it doesn’t even have to be a gadget, maybe just a poster or your trainer shoes in the drawer you always open before going home. As soon as you find a good reminder technique that works for you, stick to it.


If you were looking for a gadget, why not buy a trendy alarm clock and attach a little note with a reminder? Failing this, just set an alarm on your phone.


Table Tennis

Although this may sound like a long shot, see if you can have a table-tennis table installed in the break room or to replace a conference desk. Table-Tennis is actually a very good workout and it will soon get competitive if a number of employees take part. Try and persuade your boss that it will boost morale and it will keep staff active in between work.


Water, Water, Water

The biggest mistake that we all make is not drinking enough water, and hydration is a huge problem. Not only does dehydration cause issues for the kidneys, it also leads to a loss of concentration and focus. For this reason, you have to find something that will remind you to keep drinking water throughout the day. If possible, buy a water bottle with time stamps down the side as this will tell you exactly the amount you should have consumed by certain times throughout the day.


These are seven fantastic tips for introducing exercise into your life so be sure to use them. Now, a ‘lack of time’ is no longer an excuse!

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