Why You Will Stop Wearing a Smartwatch During Outdoor Sports

Why you will stop wearing a smartwatch during outdoor sports

Focus, adrenaline, challenge: these are the reasons why we love to capture sports moments. When you are on the move, the rest of the world ceases to exist! While cycling, skiing, snowboarding, rollerblading or running during winter, you are in a sporting trance, so there’s no time to deal with technical matters such as pulling your phone out of your pocket, taking off gloves checking messages, switching songs, etc. It is difficult to look at the watch that is under the sleeve when you handlebar, especially in winter when you are wearing a jacket.
Yes, you may often need to use your phone or smartwatch while you are moving, but it forces you to stop, leave the bike, pull up the sleeves or take off the ski gloves. Then you are left behind: you lose speed and focus on the goal. It’s tiring, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Athletes deserve something more

Just like in a modern car, in which there is a phone, music, navigational aids, and speed and driving parameter monitoring, you can have everything on your bike or slope in sight without wasting your time stopping.

How is that possible? The whole secret lies in a smart, stylish and versatile snap wrap band: wraapit. It’s an alternative to several solutions that currently exist on the market: smartphone mount, smartwatch and bike GPS. How is it possible to include the functions of several products in one solution? Let’s compare and check which one best meets your needs.

Smartphone mount

The most noticeable patent on the route, used rather out of habit than convenience and practicality. While the phone is in full view all the time, there is a risk of rain, falling or theft. In the case of headsets, it’s difficult to imagine a dangling cable between the steering wheel and the cyclist or sleeve and skier, runner, especially in winter when nobody wants to risk mounting on the jacket. The smartphone requires mounting a bicycle grip and great vigilance. But why focus on the phone instead of your favourite route.
For the visualization and pictures purposes we used a prototype. The final form of the wraapit will have bigger display, flawless graphical interface and better design. The ultimate project will soon appear on Kickstarter.


A humdinger for gadget freaks! This is definitely a great solution in stable conditions, but when it comes to sports outings, the smartwatch can only disturb and introduce anxiety while focusing on cycling or skiing. This wonderful invention is certainly not adapted to being mounted on bicycle handle bars or operated wearing ski gloves. If you want to use it, you have to tear your hand off the handlebars and look at the wrist, which is an uncomfortable and dangerous solution.

Bike GPS

Bicycle GPS is a must-have for every traveller: a guarantee of quickly reaching your destination, location control and a gadget that allows you to feel confident on the road … until you find a better solution. The complex navigation process (map uploading) effectively discourages use and is unsuitable for everyday use. GPS does not inform you about calls and messages, so using it requires you to have a telephone anyway. In the case of leaving your bike in the city, it’s necessary to dismantle the GPS and move the extra “box” – too much hassle.

Smart, stylish, urban freedom during outdoor sports

Finally, instead of searching for new technical innovations that will fall on the route, it’s time to put up a solution that will work both on the road and on the slope. Yes, the best way to create an innovative, multifunctional gadget is to meet the needs of both cyclists and skiers. Impossible? And yet…

Wraapit is a brand of consumer electronics – lifestyle – which gives its users more comfort, freedom and style. Dedicated to urban bikes and amateurs of white madness, especially for those who listen to music while on the move, use loudspeakers, or want to have driving parameters, navigation, messages or call service under control.

How does it work?

A single second is enough to mount the snap wrap band on the sleeve of the jacket, handlebar of bicycle or scooter, or steering wheel of a car. It’s energy-saving, waterproof and specially designed for low temperature operation – functional down to −20 Celsius degrees That’s why it can also be used in winter gloves. A unique design in textile or vegan leather will delight any lover of the urban lifestyle.

At last, cyclists and skiers have it all: a versatile companion on sports trips, relieving them from being distracted during your activity, and with a touch of unique style. It is the technology they deserve.

Do not waste time, do not take the place, and travel with style. You have everything you need.
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