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Best smart wallets

Best smart wallets

Ever turned everything in a room upside-down just to find your wallet, then this is most definitely for you. Perhaps you should consider owning a smart wallet to avoid your short bursts of tantrums every morning before heading out.  A smart wallet is so much more helpful in that it is a lot easier to find, and even reminds you to bring it along when your brain is preoccupied with a passing appointment. Isn’t that just a relief? Almost like having an alarm or puppy as a wallet, you will leave nothing behind and there is more to these smart wallets. Let’s take a look at a few of these smart wallets.

The Walli Wearables Everyday Smart Wallet

The Walli Wearables Smart Wallet links itself to your smartphone and alerts you if you forget your wallet behind. It comes in four color combinations, which include black and blue, black and grey. When folded, Walli measures 4.6 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. It is made of genuine leather. The Walli Everyday Smart Wallet can carry up to five cards and can carry cash in two cash compartments available on this wallet. A SecurePocket slot is also available to ensure your most important cards be kept safe always. This slot was designed mainly for people who often forget to bring their cards along when heading out. The best part is that you get push notifications when the SecurePocket slot is empty, reminding you that you left your ID – or whatever important card is usually in it – behind. This smart wallet uses a CR2032 battery that lasts anywhere from four to six months. So no worries about charging your wallets and battery replacements every other week as battery replacements are readily available and at very affordable rates. They also come with a limited warranty. You have a six-month warranty on the electronics and a one-year warranty for the wallet itself.


Woolet is yet another smart wallet which connects to a mobile app that helps you keep track of it. Giving you alerts when you get too far from your wallet and showing you a map of your wallet’s location. Woolet smart wallets also possess an alarm feature which aids easy location of a misplaced wallet. Woolet uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that you only need to recharge every few months and is made of calf leather. The company does offer a vegan version that uses eco-leather so you can carry around your eco-friendly smart wallet. Woolet wallets use a Qi wireless charger to charge the batteries.


Ekster comes in two styles: The Senate cardholder and the Parliament wallet. The Senate Cardholder is a little smaller than the Parliament wallet. It has a card holding capacity of six cards and comes with a cash strap that holds cash or additional cards. The Parliament wallet looks like your everyday bi-fold wallet. The Parliament wallet on the other hand is nothing but a Senate cardholder with a fold over flap. Ekster’s design philosophy is aimed at making its wallets as portable as possible.


The Volterman wallet will remind you like most other smart wallets in situations when you may have forgotten to take your wallet with you. It will also display your wallet’s location on a map when you to aid easy location. This feature is especially helpful in the case of a stolen wallet.


These smart wallets make for human inadequacies just like smart phones, imagine being able to call your wallet just so you can locate it. Perhaps smart keyholders should be made to aid some of us. Truth be told though, they have some lapses in the build-up and features which can be fixed or refined on the long run. Smart wallets give us the option to be smart and smart.

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