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You are probably packing your backpack, figuring out what you will need for your next big trip. We are here to give you some extraordinary gadgets ideas.
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10 Cool Gadgets that Every Traveller Needs

10 Cool Gadgets that Every Traveller Needs

The holiday season is finally upon us! You are probably packing your backpack right now, figuring out what you will need for your next big trip. We are here to give you some extraordinary gadgets ideas.


Record every moment with your own eyes

OK, maybe not exactly with your eyes, but from that exact perspective, all thanks to Spectacles, stylish sunglasses with built-in camera. Just press the button, and they will record everything you see. Then, they wirelessly send videos to your snapchat account. Spectacles are charged in their original case.


No service, no problem

You’re at the end of the world, there’s absolutely no service, and you’re trying to get in touch with your friends? With goTenna this problem doesn’t exist. It allows you to reach your party, send encrypted messages and publicly broadcast, share your location, browse detailed offline maps and much more via a dedicated mobile app.


Keep your valuables safe

Every time you go away you fear for your valuables. Losing your cards, money, passport or boarding passes can turn a nice holiday in paradise into a horror story from hell. Woolet Travel 2.0 is a smart wallet that connects with your phone. You can check the wallet’s location on the map. This way, if you leave it behind or it gets stolen, you will receive a notification immediately.


Wash your clothes anywhere

When you are on a backpacking trip you need to travel light. Fewer clothes means more frequent washing, but where do you do it? Thanks to Scrubba, absolutely anywhere! It’s an easy-to-fold and carry portable washing machine. In six simple steps you will quickly clean all your clothes.


Selfie sticks are passé

Don’t poke fellow tourists with annoying selfie sticks – take pictures with a mini-drone! AirSelfie, a pocket-sized camera controlled by a mobile app. It allows you to take photos from above and have fun at the same time. You can reach the unreachable and fit all your friends into one big group photo.


Clean water, anywhere you go

No one wants to end up in hospital with stomach problems because they’ve drank water from an unknown source. The All Clear water purifier will get rid of any contamination. You can fill it with water from taps, streams, rivers etc. Enjoy clean, natural water in every corner of the world.


Keep your feet warm

Forget about sleeping in three pairs of socks while camping or hiking. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles will warm up your feet while hiking, trekking, skiing or during any other cold-weather activity.


Bugs won’t bug you

Mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects may be tiny, but they are massive killjoys. They are on the beach, in the forest and up the mountains. NoBu.gs is travel clothing which work like an insect repellent. The fabric is light, cooling and anti-bacterial.


Keep the sand away

Is there a way to conveniently sunbathe on the beach without being annoyed by sand getting on your towel, in your bathing suit and inside your food bag. If only there were be a way to get rid of it. Well, now there is: CCear Sand-Free’s Quicksand Mat. It’s advanced magic. Sand falls straight through it and doesn’t come back up.


Get access to a power source in every country

How many times have you gone somewhere and then . . . oops! Your charger doesn’t fit into the socket. Instead of buying several types, get this one instead. Passport is your access to sockets in 150 countries. It can plug into 15 outlets and accept 11 types of plug.

Do you know of any other interesting gadgets? Share them in comments!

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