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Just when all seemed to be going quiet for one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, it has been leaked that they have invested in Gliimpse.

Gliimpse Acquired by Apple

Gliimpse Acquired by Apple

Just when all seemed to be going quiet for one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, it has been leaked that they have invested in Gliimpse, a health data startup. Although no public announcement has been made as of yet, this acquisition was said to have taken place earlier in 2016. When approached, Apple admitted that the rumours were true and that they do like to invest in small technology companies when they think it’s worthwhile. Additionally, they noted how they generally don’t discuss their ‘purpose or plans’.


Future of our health


Having been founded in 2013, Gliimpse has been in business for just three years but has already proved to be a worthwhile investment. At its core, Gliimpse looks to bring together users’ personal health data so it can be presented in one easy-to-read sheet for health professionals. Whether the sheet goes on to provide research for experts or whether you take it to your doctors, the premise is a good one and the idea is already making headway. Anil Sethi, Gliimpse’s founder, is no stranger to being acquired by larger companies having already sold one business to WebMD and another to Citrix Systems. Although the idea came from a negative as he watched his sister’s experience with breast cancer, he wants Gliimpse to be the missing piece of communication in the jigsaw between patient and doctor.


This is not just an app


Apple is clearly moving into the health industry in recent times having added HealthKit, a program that allows data from healthcare providers and fitness apps to be accumulated, to their portfolio in 2014. Furthermore, ResearchKit came shortly after this and allows researchers to find willing users of medical studies from a simple app. Finally, CareKit allows apps to be easily created for managing many conditions including depression and diabetes.


What about privacy?


There is often huge debate that surrounds apps like those above because undeniably, they can fill a huge gap in communication that is occurring right now. Currently, the healthcare system is a confusing one and these apps can help. On the other hand, there is always a worry that personal information can be leaked and therefore privacy and security is always an issue. With Gliimpse joining Apple’s portfolio of health developments, it will be interesting to see what influence it has and how that reflects in the services that Apple offer.

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