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Trackers Review | Trackers are useful devices for not losing keys and other valuables. Read our Review on what are the Best Trackers to Buy in 2017.
Trackers Review, Trackers 2017

The Battle of the Best Trackers of 2017

We have picked four smart trackers that share one purpose: making sure that you won’t lose your keys (or anything else) again.

Let’s review our trackers! Check out which one we liked best!

The number of smart trackers on the market is insane.

Unfortunately, that says something about us, and the times we live in. We are under a lot of stress and are forgetful, but at the same time the crime rate is not dropping, and people often end up as a victims of thieves. Whether it is a wallet in your pocket, a bag on your lap, a bike secured outside a shop or even a pet!

Yes, people steal pets.

Here’s where trackers come in (and this review).

It is really simple: You just tag the valuable item (or Fluffy’s collar), download a mobile app, synchronize the tracker with your phone, and magic! You know the last location of that object. What’s more, all the trackers we have chosen give you the possibility to ring the tracker.

Remember how you always wanted to call your keys when you put them somewhere and couldn’t find them exactly when you needed them quickly? Now you can. Also, you can call your bag, bike (have you been to Amsterdam?), purse, car keys and, of course, Fluffy.

Let’s review what else there is.


Tile tracker is operated by a dedicated mobile app for the Android and iOS operating systems. The app enables the Crowdfinding option (whenever you lose something, people with the Tile app will be able to locate the lost item if they pass by it). What is more, you can find your phone by squeezing the tracker, which is cool if you leave it somewhere on mute mode.

We’ve all been there, right? Tile is made out of water-resistant material, so it will still work after a heavy storm. The massive flaw is that after one year Tile will be useless. The battery lasts around 12 months, and after that you need to get another one.

Trackers Review


Woolet tracker also operates via a dedicated mobile app for the Android and iOS systems. The app not only tells you the last-seen location but also pushes a notification exactly when your item is out of your reach. So if you drop your keys in the car park, you’ll know after few seconds.

You can add “quiet zones”, such as work or home (where you don’t carry your stuff around all the time), but as soon as you leave the place without the tagged item you’ll be notified that you have left it behind.

Woolet Tracker is charged wirelessly. You don’t have to replace the battery or buy a new tracker. The producers assure us that you’ll need to charge it only once every few months.

On top of that, this tracker looks incredibly fancy. It’s handmade out of natural leather and will look great even with business attire. Also, we’ve learnt that a Crowd GPS function will be added to the next Woolet App update.

Minuses: there’s no “find your phone” option. It’s too big to put it in a regular wallet, but at the same time Woolet’s main products are smart wallets with integrated trackers inside, so they probably weren’t thinking about that possibility.

Trackers Review


Like the trackers above, this one has a find your phone and crowd location options. Moreover, TrackR is equipped with a distance indicator that lets you know when you’re close to the tagged item, so you can find it faster.

Another feature is the separation alert: Every time you separate your phone and tracker you’ll receive a notification that they are no longer connected. Again, just like Tile, the battery life is calculated for a year. After that you need to order replacement batteries from the producer.

Trackers Review


This is the smallest of them all, which in this case is a plus. It’s coin sized and won’t make anything bulky. There are plenty of colours to choose from, and it’s water resistant.

Chipolo also has the Crowdfinding and phone finding options and allows you to create a virtual account for your tablets. If you run the app on both devices, the tablet will be guarded as if it had Chipolo tracker tagged to it. The battery is replaceable and lasts for a few months (6–12 months, depending on the version).

Trackers Review


We would very much like to crown a winner, but we need to wait to how the Crowd GPS option works in Woolet Tracker. If it works flawlessly, then Woolet is the undeniable winner.

Then again, it depends what you are going to use the tracker for: waterproof versions will be better for bicycles, Woolet will look fine with keys, bags and other elegant items. Chipolo is perfect to put inside a wallet.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. So, what do you think about them?

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