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A new generation of urban scooters in fight with traffic jams

We all wonder how to cross the city as quickly as possible. The biggest menace? Traffic jams. They annoy us, irritate us and drive us crazy, so that we have only one thought in mind: faster! A fact is a fact, although, by the way, they release a lot of creative ideas. Who among us has never thought about translocation, a flying carpet or just about leaving the car in the middle of traffic jams like in American movies … Fortunately, you do not have to do it anymore. Avoid traffic jams by renting an electric scooter without a driving license, and go ecologically wherever you want and when you want all over the city.

How does it work?

Find the nearest scooter in the application, and book it. You have 15 minutes to calmly reach the vehicle, unlock the vehicle in the application, open the storage compartment, and take out the helmet and the hygiene cover. The scooter is active and ready to go. Add gas, and go wherever you want. That’s all! Before you go on the road, check out the scooters that are available on the market. To make it easier, here is a list of the top four city electric scooters for minutes. Check it out, and see which one best suits your needs.
COMPARISON Jedenślad GoScooter Scroot blinkee.city
Price per minute of driving 0.69 PLN/min 0.49 PLN/min 0.49 PLN/min 0.59 PLN/min
Price for a stop 0.10 PLN/min 0.09 PLN/min 0.09 PLN/min 0.09 PLN/min
Cities in which scooters are available Warszawa Łódź Katowice Bielsko-Biała Wrocław Warszawa Warszawa Poznań Kraków Trójmiasto Wrocław Łódź Kołobrzeg Lublin Budapeszt Valencia Białystok Giżycko Rzeszów
Zasięg 50-70 km 40-60 km 200 km 80 km
The age criterion 18 years 18 years 21 years 18 years
Dedicated application YES YES YES YES
Double seat YES NO YES YES
Helmet 2 1 2 2
Student discount NO NO NO YES
Number of scooters available 100 38 700 (up to 1000 by the end of the year)


Source: Jeden ślad

The JedenŚlad network is based solely on zero-emission, fully electric scooters. The vehicles reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h, have a load capacity of 160 kg, and the scooter range is 50–150 km. The scooter is also designed for two people and has facilities in the form of a telephone holder, a USB port and a purse holder. Its power is 1500 W. You can drive a motorbike in the same places as a car, except on express routes and motorways. The scooter is managed from the application level. The key is the application itself prepared for the following systems: Android – native version and iOS, Windows Phone etc. – web version). JedenŚlad can be found in four cities: Warsaw, Łódź, Katowice and Bielska-Biała.


Source: Goscooter

In accordance with the idea of a smart city in Wrocław, electric scooter rental for minutes – GoScooter. In total, Wrocław residents can take advantage of 100 scooters located in different parts of the city. To use the scooter, users must download the application and register an account. If they are 18 or older, they do not need a driving license. Next, GoScooter tops up your account (the minimum amount is PLN 10), looks for the nearest free scooter on the map, makes you a 15-minute reservation and finds a chosen vehicle. It should be emphasized that scooters are equipped with, among other things, an electronic display, a USB socket, a capacious trunk, or a comfortable helmet with a cover and homologation. The range of the scooter with a fully-charged battery is approximately 60 km.


Source: Scroot

The only representative of internal-combustion-engine scooters today. At present, there are 38 two-person Scroot scooters and 24 lending and returns areas available to residents of Warsaw. The system does not require fixed parking points; the journey can be started from the place where the scooter is located and ended where it is most convenient for the driver. Offered vehicles are scooters with an engine capacity of 125 cc. This means that to drive them you must have a driving license in one of the following categories: A, A1, A2 or B. Before the first ride you need to register in the system, also using the application. The system operator during the registration of the user verifies the possessed rights, and asks also for experience in running two-wheelers. The lower age limit is 21 years. The necessity of having a driving license results from the regulations in force.


Source: blinkee.city

When blinkee.city took off in Polish cities, the residents were simply delighted with it. During the first day, 15 scooters were borrowed 500 times and covered by 1000 km. Then, urban scooters grew more and more popular due to the huge availability, price and positive impact on the environment. Through the blinkee.city app users can find the closest scooter, book it and then they have 15 minutes to get to it. The app unlocks the vehicle and the scooter, users will find a helmet. After the user has reached their final destination, they simply park the scooter and deactivate it in the app. They only have to use it. Why choose blinke e.city? When riding a scooter, you do not pay for parking meters, you avoid traffic jams, and you can leave the vehicle wherever you want. That is why users used to say “Urban freedom on two wheels”. blinkee.city is already available in 13 (soon 15) cities in Poland, Hungary and Spain, and soon plans to expand globally. What city do you think will be next?

The solution to the problem of traffic jams

The originators of city scooters for minutes are aware of contemporary problems in crowded urban agglomerations. By offering a scooter, they want to give people a choice. It is an additional way of travelling around the city, which will reduce travel time by up to 70 percent compared to public transport or your own car. The numbers speak for themselves. When will you test the electric lightning on two wheels in your city?
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Fine price

When compared to other products it wins on price/quality

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Good product!

I've bought one and I'm impressed !

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