How Cedar Anderson Became a Multi-Millionaire Beehive Expert
Cedar Anderson didn't fall into the trap and let his ideas become inventions and soon, he became a multi-millionaire; let’s look at his story.
became a multi-millionaire

How Cedar Anderson Became a Multi-Millionaire Beehive Expert

How Cedar Anderson Became a Multi-Millionaire Beehive Expert

For some, the nine-to-five lifestyle just isn’t possible and it seems like a nightmare that has to come true if you’re to make a living. However, Cedar Anderson didn’t fall into the trap and instead he decided that he would exercise his right to freedom. As he did so, he let his ideas become inventions and soon, he became a multi-millionaire; let’s look at his story.


Love to fix things


As a child, Cedar was free to roam in a community founded by his parents. He noted how he used to spend his days pulling cars apart and using the various mechanisms inside for strange experiments. Once, he pulled all the essentials from a car horn and connected them to car batteries to make an orchestra of car horns. With his dad by his side, he was obsessed with how things worked and fixing things that were broken.


New way of collecting honey


Along with pulling apart and fixing things, beekeeping was also an activity that ran in the family and he is currently the third generation to keep bees. Going back to his childhood, he noted how he would pull beehives apart just to create makeshift bee suits. However, when his brother was stung one day, Cedar decided that there had to be a more efficient way of collecting honey. After locking himself in his shed for weeks on end, Cedar came up with a number of prototypes for products that would allow beekeepers to collect honey without opening the hive and frustrating the bees.


Crowdfunding campaign


After a few adjustments, and with dad’s help fixing some design problems, the Flow Hive was born. After testing the hive on their own bees, they couldn’t believe it when they turned the handle and honey started to flow. After deciding that looking for an investor would take too long, Cedar set up a crowdfunding campaign for the idea. What was to come, shocked everyone involved.

After Cedar’s sister worked hard on an advertising video for the page, it went live and gained millions of views in just a few short days. Success breeds success and the target of around $100,000 was soon passed and one day later, they reached the $2 million mark. Flow Hive were accepting donations and pre-orders and by the end of the eight week campaign, they had over $12 million in advanced orders. Worryingly, they had 24,000 orders based in 130 countries to complete.

The whole campaign was a success and Cedar’s project went from shed to office and huge manufacturing plants and he notes how the whole thing has been a learning curve. Not only is Cedar now a multi-millionaire, he is also a proud father after his girlfriend gave birth during the middle of the campaign. After locking himself away in his shed to avoid the nine-to-five lifestyle, he now works in an office and leads a team of employees but he couldn’t be happier.

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