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We all love out pets and care about their well-being. Check out those gadgets: some may spoil your pets, and some will make it easier to take care of them.
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6 Must-Have Gadgets for Pets and Their Owners

6 Must-Have Gadgets for Pets and Their Owners

We all love out pets and care about their well-being. Unfortunately, we can’t keep an eye on them 24/7. Someone has to work, and, let’s face it, although Mr Fluffles has 200 followers on Instagram, that doesn’t make him internet-famous like Grumpy Cat. Then again, he deserves no less attention than any other pet celebrity! Check out the gadgets below: some may spoil your pets, and some will make it easier to take care of them.


Landmark playhouses


You don’t want your cat to sleep just anywhere, right? Is your dog is so smart it belongs in the White House, and your cat, a God-like attitude that deserves its own temple? Now, you can provide your pets with the playhouse they deserve. There are plenty of Landmarks to choose from: the Sphinx, the Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Kremlin, the Taj Mahal, a Pagoda, or a Mayan Temple. You probably know by now that no matter how comfy the bed you buy for your pets is, they will always love cardboard boxes more than anything else.


Woolet Tracker

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Do you have an indoor pet that likes to run away and stroll around the neighbourhood? We feel for you. Every time you come back home and your pet is not there, you get a little heart attack and fear for its safety: it could get hit by a car, attacked by a bigger animal or stolen by someone. What you need is a tracker to attach to the collar; for example, Woolet Tracker. It will inform you via mobile app that your pet is out of reach and has left the house. You can see its last-seen location on a map and call the tracker to locate the animal more easily with a sound signal.


Music for Cats


Believe it or not, that’s a thing. Apparently cats, unlike humans, establish their sense of music outside the womb through sounds heard after they are born: the chirping of birds, the sucking of milk, or the purring of their mother. In this project the creators tried to incorporate those sounds into music and re-create them using only musical instruments. You want your feline to be super relaxed? Now you have the “purr-fect” playlist.


Tearribles Toys for Dogs


How many toys did you buy for doggo last year? Plenty, we assume. Most of them probably didn’t survive longer than a day. Dogs tend to tear apart their toys in a matter of hours, and then you have to look into those sad puppy eyes and sacrifice your old shoes. Tearribles found a solution to the problem. Monster-shaped plushies can be easily deconstructed: the arms, legs and torso can be disjointed and, after playtime is over, put back together. Say goodbye to dozens of old, destroyed toys lying around your home. Cater to your dog’s hunting instincts and get it a toy that can be torn apart over and over again without actually destroying it.





Do you miss your pet when you leave for work? Do you wonder what are they doing? With Petcube you can have fun with them in your free time. Using the mobile app you can connect with two devices: Petcube Play to have fun and exercise, and Petcube Bites to reward them with tasty snacks. You can stay connected to your pet all day long, check on its activity, play “catch the laser pointer” with it, talk to it in real time or via pre-recorded messages, and take a pictures of it. It’s a great device for people who spend a lot of time outside the house and want to entertain their pets and keep an eye on them. Petcube can be your next pet sitter.


Luuup Litterbox


The least fun and glamorous thing about having a pet is cleaning the litterbox. It to be done, but no one is keen on doing it. Luuup, described by its creators as “the last litter box you’ll ever have to buy”, is indeed ingenious in its simplicity. Basically, there are three layers working as a big sieve. You just lift the top tray, and the waste is separated from the clean litter. Then you turn toss the waste, turn the tray 180 degrees and put it at the bottom. That’s it. No shovels or getting your hands dirty!

Do you know any other cool gadgets for cats and dogs? Share them in the comment section!


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