5 Must-Have Gadgets for Apple Products That You Need in Your Life
The market is full of gadgets dedicated to Apple products. But what’s the best place to get the most insanely clever ones? Kickstarter, of course!
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5 Must-Have Gadgets for Apple Products That You Need in Your Life

5 Must-Have Gadgets for iProducts That You Need in Your Life

Are you an Apple maniac? Don’t worry, we get you. You’re among your own kind. We, too, love the design, usability, simplicity, reliability (we could go on and on here really) of Apple products. We treat our iThings more like iBabies, and we want the best for them. The market is full of gadgets dedicated to Apple products. But what’s the best place to get the most insanely clever ones? The crowdfunding community, of course. Let’s see what has been designed by the creative minds of Kickstarter to make our lives easier.


Carry me home

boardpass bag
You feel actual pain when you see someone throwing their iPhone, headphones and iPad into a bag without any concern for their safety? Ugh, savage. If breaking your phone means breaking your heart, you will love BoardPass Bag. This fancy organiser is everything your iBabies need. You will find separate compartments for Mac, iPhone, headphones, wires, iPad and a pen. Everything within your reach without a tangle of wires and the feeling of horror that you left your stuff somewhere.

The bag itself is basically a work station and a docking hub with three USB ports and an SD card reader. So you can easily use your Mac and charge your iPhone while commuting. Moreover, it’s waterproof, so nothing will happen to your equipment if you get caught in the rain. BoardPass is light and slim so you can carry it everywhere, even as a carry-on bag on a plane.
Get it here  

Work(s) like a charm

How much time do you spend in front of the computer each day? First in the office, then back home. And you, freelance friends, graphic designers, interior designers, artists and illustrators, who often spend the whole night finishing up a project and trying not to wake up the entire household with constant clicking and scraping? If you work in shared offices, rent a desk or work in cafes, you never know what surface you’re going to get (glass is the worst …). You don’t want to end up with your mouse disconnecting, and you can’t waste time on sloppy, failing equipment.

There you go, there’s PureShape Mousepad with Smart Slider Add-On. It’s a magic gadget for Magic Mouse (both generations!). The set includes two items: a special Pure Shape Mousepad that stole our hearts at first sight. It’s minimalist, and perfectly matches Apple’s style and design. It’s so nice to touch and even nicer to work on. You can actually feel a “flying” motion. PureShape is anti-slip so it doesn’t matter if you’re working work on a glass table (damn you, glass tables) or in a shaky train, you always have a firm grip and stability of movement. Seriously, we have never felt a better support for a mouse. Magic Mouse transformed from good to the best!

But that’s not all! To complete the set you also install SmartSlider Add-On, which in combination with PureShape will totally reduce the friction and give you even more work comfort. It’s smooth, silent and easy to set up. It reduces double-clicks, disconnections and scraping to zero!

If you need work precision, where every millimetre counts, this is something for you! The PureShape campaign will hit Kickstarter soon, so stay tuned and get yours here.  

Bling bling

HyperLink Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band
Described as a “steel link bracelet band that your Apple Watch truly deserves”,  (what a name, you guys … !) is actually pretty fancy. We share HyperLink’s opinion  that technology can be not only functional but also fashionable. It doesn’t have to be a case of “either or”. Either you wear a nice watch or a smart watch. Why not both?

We love our Apple Watches, but sometimes wearing a gummy band doesn’t match a suit or business attire. Unfortunately, purchasing a Link Bracelet in the official Apple Store is out of reach for a regular client (almost $450!), so we were crying tears of joy when we saw this beauty on Kickstarter.

There are two colours to choose from: silver and black. Both look incredibly chic and give your watch a professional look. Stainless steel is sweat, water and corrosion resistant, so your watch is in safe hands.
Check it out here.  

A touch of vintage

PaperLike ipad pro
Remember when you were doing all your plans and designs on a regular piece of paper? Some of us still do it even though technology proposes more digital solutions. Nowadays, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are regular equipment. Still, we just miss paper! Apparently, the creators of PaperLike do, too.

Some might say it’s just a screen protector. Yes, but not a regular one! PaperLike makes writing on iPad Pro absolutely flawless and gives you the feel of old-school doodling. You gain more stroke control, reflection reduction (sorry, can’t check yourself out while working anymore) and protection against horrible scratches.  
It can be found here, Paper People.  

The Harry Potter of the twenty-first century

lifeprint iphone
Do you remember those really cool gif-like moving photographs in “Harry Potter”? You wish you could have one of those, right? Well now you can.
Record a video, print it via an iPhone app on LifePrint, scan it through the app again, and there you go: your own moving photo! So basically, you’re printing videos. That’s right: PRINTING VIDEOS. Is there a better way to preserve memories and stick them on your fridge? The app is synchronized with social media, so you can use videos from Facebook, Instagram, Vine (RIP, GadgetStash remembers), etc.
You need to see it to believe it.  

Have you found any other creative accessories for iStuff? Share them in the comments below!  

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