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A revolutionary moisturizing barrier cream that will make your skin feel radiant, hydrated and restored.
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Invisible gloves against nickel sensitivity

Invisible gloves against nickel sensitivity

“I want to stop finally running away from Nickel!” That’s how most people with nickel sensitivity react to the next dose of allegedly miraculous methods to fight nickel. They already have enough of the next sets of tablets, diets and oily ointments. Constantly nervously looking at their hands, avoiding metal accessories and giving up their favourite jewellery – it’s been going on for far too long. In fact, instead of fighting nickel, they would prefer to bury the hatchet and not have to run away from it. So, is there a way to stop hiding from nickel?


What is sensitivity to nickel?

Nickel occurs in our lives in a natural way: it can be found in food and even water. It is also a component of many items that we use every day. It has found a use in jewellery – earrings, chains, bracelets and pendants – it’s found in watches and entered into the clothing industry as a component of clothes such as zips, snaps, fasteners, belt buckles and many, many others.

Nickel is one of the most common causes of skin sensitivity or irritation, and is caused by touching items containing it. The skin’s sensitivity can be acquired at any time in life through excessive exposure to nickel. In fact, it is estimated that more than 18 percent of people in North America are sensitive to nickel, including 11 million children.


What are the symptoms of sensitivity to nickel?

Symptoms usually occur about 12–48 hours after exposure to a material containing nickel. The changes last about 2–4 weeks and are most often located in a place where, for example, jewellery directly touches the skin. In rare cases it can also appear in places that were not exposed to nickel. The symptoms of nickel sensitivity include:

-redness or other changes in skin colour
-dry patches on the skin that resemble a burn
-skin rash
-blisters (in very severe cases)

Is there an effective way to get rid of nickel sensitivity?

This is definitely the most frequently asked question by people struggling with sensitivity to nickel. Unfortunately, no effective method has yet been found that can permanently get rid of nickel sensitivity. Doctors recommend avoiding contact with nickel, which is very difficult, due to the prevalence of the element. Nickel is ubiquitous and occurs in many products, which makes the task extremely difficult.


Become invisible to nickel

Regardless of the difficulty of avoiding nickel in the environment, solutions have appeared that reveal a different way of working. One of them is the Nidiesque cosmetics line (, which is the answer to this problem. From the beginning, the Nidiesque Team chose a different direction to win with nickel. They thought: “What if you could put on invisible gloves and be free to touch anything without fear of nickel …? Sounds like an unreal dream, right? Every person with nickel sensitivity dreams about it, but at last someone decided to make this dream a reality. And that’s how Nidiesque cream was created, because despite the fact that you cannot avoid nickel, this cream allows you enjoy your day free of worrying about nickel.


You don’t have to run away from Nickel

There is nothing that can slow you down, and neither should nickel. That’s why Nidiesque was created, an intense and lasting moisturizing barrier cream that will make sensitive, nickel-irritated skin feel radiant, hydrated and restored.

At last, we can have it all – the fresh look and peace of mind when using items containing nickel – and all in a revolutionary, light moisturizing cream for nickel-sensitive skin.

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