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Camping is the best way to escape the routine and recharge your batteries. Check out those camping showers!
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Top 5 portable camping showers in 2018

Top 5 portable camping showers in 2018

Camping is the best way to escape the routine and recharge your batteries. Fresh air, cramped tents, friends, campfire and no reception. Can you imagine anything more relaxing? Apart from bringing tents, mattresses and sleeping bags (always get plenty of sleep!) you should also remember to pack a portable shower that will help you maintain hygiene in difficult conditions.

To make it easier for you, here’s a list of top 5 camping showers. Check it out and see which one suits your needs best.

Brand Capacity Hands-free Multifunctional Battery-free Size/Weight Patented self-closing valve Compatibility with other containers
Ivation Outdoor Shower container not included X X X unknown X V
Rinse Kit 3 gallons / 12 liters X X V 9 pounds / 4 kilograms X X
Helio Pressure Shower 2.9 gallons / 12 liters X X V 1.4 pounds / 650 grams X X
Advanced Elements Summer Shower 2.5-10 gallons / 10 – 40 liters X X V size varies / unknownsize varies / unknown X X
HandyShower 0.5 gallons / 2 liters V V V 0.8 pounds / 400 grams V V

Advanced Elements ($19.99 – $49.99)

Functions: shower   Advanced Elements  

Advanced Elements, based near San Francisco California, specializes in unique paddlesports equipement with the main focus on inflatable kayaks. The biggest advantage of their Summer Shower is the solar bag with a temperature gauge. It is equipped with an ON/OFF valve that helps you save water. You can choose between 5 different water bags that vary in size, ranging from 2.5 gallons to 10 gallons.

Check it out here.


Handy Shower ($20 – $50)

Functions: shower, faucet, washlet


A Polish engineer, based in the capital city of Warsaw, came up with an invention that facilitates water conservation even in the most extreme conditions. HandyShower is a multifunctional 3-in-1 personal hygiene system that (thanks to interchangeable nozzles) can be used for washing your hands, showering or as a portable bidet. The patented self-closing valve does not let you waste a single drop of water. HandyShower weighs only 400 grams (0.8 pounds) and folds easily so it can fit any luggage, whether it’s a backpack, a duffle bag a suitcase or even a purse. By far the cheapest, most compact and multifunctional solution. Soon live on Indiegogo! Make sure to check out their Early Bird rewards.

You need to see it to believe it.


Ivation Outdoor Shower ($35)

    Outodoor Shower    

Ivation is an electrical equipment brand. The company offers a wide range of household gadgets, including toothbrushes, massagers and dehumidifiers, so it’s not surprising that they also constructed a portable shower. The Ivation Outdoor Shower is a shower head equipped with a device that pumps water. All you need to do is place the hose in a bucket or a different source of water. It’s a very simple solution but requires batteries and a water container.

It can be found here.


Rinse Kit ($100 – $270)

Functions: shower        Rinse Kit  

RinseKit is a much bigger and more expensive solution. The first RinseKit was developed in a garage by a young inventor and a surfer, Chris Crawford, who saw a need for a portable, pressurized water source. The project was brought to life by means of a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in May 2016. RinseKit guarantees a pressure of a garden hose without pumping or batteries but you need to have a spigot to fill it up. If you have enough room in your car, some extra cash and need high water pressure, this might be the right portable shower for you.


Check it.


Helio Pressure Shower ($100)

Functions: shower        Helio Pressure Shower  

Helio Pressure Shower was designed and developed by NEMO Equipment – a company that is dead serious about thoughtful design of outdoor adventure equipment. The water container of the Helio Pressure Shower doesn’t have to be hung overhead like in most camping showers. In order to pressurize water inside the tank, you have to use a foot pump and with occasional pumps you can enjoy a 5-7 minute shower. Really thoughtful and compact, but quite pricey.

You need to see it.


Have you found any other creative accessories for camping? Share them in the comments below!

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