The belt, the single most essential accessory in a man’s closet and women don’t mind it too. Boy have we come a long way with this pant holding fixture. From its cameo in the Bronze Age, to its very tight service in the military and to the 1920s when it was primarily used decoratively, to now when we cannot do without one. 

Belty with charger

Yes, if you don’t live in sweat pants or skinny jeans then belts are more often than not part of your outfit. Not just part, but indeed the middle of it, the center of your outfit, the core of it and if it has a buckle, the shine of it.

Minimalism is all about living life to its fullest with the least possible stuff without giving up convenience or style. It helps one question the things that are really significant in one’s life, hence the need to get rid of clutter to give way for the important stuff, like growth, passion, keeping pants up and having a phone on the full battery to keep connected with loved ones

In today’s world, less is definitely more and minimalism is taking over.

Nothing anymore only just carries its original purpose. Getting the most out of the least gets us excited and accelerates innovation. From Bluetooth enabled lost and found devices to the very tiny Bluetooth speakers, the role of technology in minimalism cannot be downplayed.

Belty Power

Belts have well played their part in minimalism over the decades. In the past we have seen them carry tools, shield one from harsh weather, accentuate a waist for both men and women alike, hold weaponry, and denote status, as tools of corporal punishment (whoootah) and now we give you one that recharges your phone. Yes, you heard me right, the boxing championship trophy belt is no longer the only one that holds power. This smart belt has a name too, Belty.

About Belty

Belty is not your typical belt, looks like it but smarter and classier. How? For one, it’s completely fashionable, we are speaking topnotch Italian leather that is handcrafted by L’Aiglon. L’Aiglon is a French design house that for the last 125 years has been specializing in leather belt manufacturing. 

Great workmanship is seen in this belt through the hand-stitches done in resilient canvas thread. The thread easily and sturdily slides through the leather due to the colorless wax coat on the thread. The stitches on the belt also come in a couple of colors catering for your diverse taste.

Belty power has a clever design of handmade grooves, this helps it fit seamlessly on your body by accepting up to 50+ more adjustable positions over the old-style belt with holes. The belt is a whopping 110cm (size 44”) which makes it near-universal. To adjust to a smaller size there’s a cut-line index from 1 to 6 that allows you to cut the belt to your perfect fit.  L’Aiglon is also renowned for their “Zero Edge” cut technology that stays unparalleled in today’s market, hence smooth edges on your

On top of this, the Parisian style belt has an inventive ratchet system that is hot-printed straight into the leather. This system, apart from using no plastic at all, gives amazing comfort and does not show any marks on the front of the belt.


Carine, the founder of Belty together with her team has collaborated with fashion designers and L’Aiglon, leather goods manufacturers to make this ingenious creation. Finally, technology and fashion can coexist through this belt. 

upon purchasing it. Therefore its worth is donated to AMTM and your minimalism, as well as environmental consciousness, is applauded.

Belty is easy on the eyes, light in weight, powerful, multipurpose, easy to use, versatile, convenient, and it might literally save your life, it is minimalism at its best. A man wearing Belty not only has life stress-free but also smarter and stylish all at the same time. 


The Belty man is ready for whatever situation, those extra-long meetings, stuck in traffic jam, long flights, emergencies and even in the rare cases of a power blackout, your belt got you. 

Embracing the minimalist lifestyle means having more time in your hands- being able to finally attend your local team’s game, doing what you love- skinny dipping in the lake (no judgment), financially supporting causes close to your heart. 

Less luggage which means less bags under your eyes too, less stress as you’re not trying anymore to keep up with Kardashians. Pursue your passions, please write that book that you said you would 10 years ago, focus on your health- meditate and try some yoga. 

Discover your mission in life, which means not only being generous to self but to a friend, neighbor, the world. It’s a ripple effect that begins with you to be free and live and let us hold up your pants and keep you connected while you’re at it

here are so many ways it can improve your efficiency

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