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When travelling around, we need all the handy travelling gadgets we can get. We have four brilliant devices contraptions that help to keep you safe.
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Fantastic Travelling Gadgets for Credit Card Enthusiasts

Fantastic Travelling Gadgets for Credit Card Enthusiasts

When travelling around, we need all the handy gadgets we can get. Whether it is for our iPods, phones, laptops, or anything else, there are a number of gadgets on the market to help. Another category of this is with credit cards; sometimes, these are absolutely essential when travelling so we have four brilliant devices contraptions that help to keep you safe. 

Bluetooth Smart Tag Tracking Device

No matter how meticulous you are when planning your travels, you will run into tricky situations. Luckily, there are now tracking devices that you can buy for around $50 that will help to keep your valuables safe. After attaching it to your bag or purse, the tracker will stay connected to your mobile device. If you go outside of its range, your phone will pop up with a message and help you to retrace your steps. When travelling, your bag is your means of life so this small investment is completely worth it. 

Portable Smartphone Charger

If you want to budget carefully when travelling, you have to keep on top of your finances. With a portable smartphone charger, you will be ensuring that you always have access to your banking app. Now, you can ask your bank for mobile alerts if you overspend or if you receive money. As long as you have the portable charger, there is no way you can lose access to your credit card account. 

Square Credit Card Reader

As a simple device that fits into the headphone jack on your phone, Square’s credit card reader is nothing short of ingenious. Let’s face it, we have all been in the situation where one person pays for dinner and the rest are left scrounging money or finding ways to pay them back. If you have this credit card reader, it is no longer a problem.After connecting the device to the recipient’s mobile phone, all it takes is a simple swipe of the credit card and money can be transferred. On the smartphone, there will be options to set an amount and this figure will be transferred within seconds. When travelling, this is a fantastic tool because it allows you to pay your debts and travel efficiently. 

RFID Blocking Sleeves

In years gone by, you could keep pickpockets at bay as long as you stayed alert. However, they no longer have to come into your personal space thanks to updated technology. Now, they can just walk past you and swipe important information from your credit card. As a result, something has had to be created to stop this and it can be found in RFID blocking sleeves. In essence, it sets up an electromagnetic shield around your purse and you can walk down the street safe in the knowledge that your information is safe. These are four products that will help to keep you, and your credit card, safe when travelling. Even when living life at home, these gadgets can come in handy so why not look into them a little more? Overall, these products will cost you around $100 which is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could lose!

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