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Have you always dreamed about a robot friend? Here are some awesome examples of robots, that you can take home and control by smartphone application.

Cool robots controlled by mobile apps

Cool robots controlled by mobile apps

As a child we all wanted to have a robot friend. Now, thanks to mobile technologies: you can! Here are some awesome examples of robots, that you can take home and control by smartphone application. 

BB-8 Sphero

 BB-8 droid is, with no doubt, the cutest character from Star Wars universe (sorry R2D2). He made his first appearance in “The Force Awakens” and from the spot millions fell in love with him. It was only a matter of time when someone builds “real” BB-8 robot for us to take home. And Sphero delivered! BB-8 has a dedicated app, where you can move BB-8 around with simple touch on the screen or voice commands, record, send and play hologram messages, put him on watch-mode or simply allow him to do his own things. We dare you not to like him! 


 BUDDY protects your home, reminds you of important tasks and errands, suggest a recipe, play your favourite music, entertains your kids, and helps you stay connected with the ones you love. You can check what is going on in your house via mobile app. You are not sure if you turned off the oven? Use BUDDY and make him check this for you with his in-build camera. He makes us feel, like future is now. 


 Another helping hand in the household. Moreover, extremely cute one! Bearbot is an universal remote using: infrared, Bluetooth, ZigBee and radio. He can connect to alarm clocks, TV, laptops, mobiles, lightning, shutters, air conditioning, and many, many more. Makers of Bearbot came up with a sign language to communicate with the little guy. Depending on the gesture, you command your Bearbot a different action.  


 Have you always wanted to feel like the member of Jetsons Family? Remember their Robot-maid Rosie? Aido is pretty close. He is a home assistant, security, projector, lighter, entertainer, helper, teacher… Almost a member of your family!

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