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Additional accessories for smart wallets – review

We’ve browsed the most popular smart wallets on the market and checked what their creators offer apart from classic “won’t lose me” option.

Synchronisation with a smartphone through a mobile app, last-seen location and the ability to call your wallet – those smart wallets have it all. We decided to check what additional accessories you can get from their producers to make the wallets even smarter and more sneaky.

Let’s start with Walli.

Apart from a smart wallet, you can also get a keyring with replaceable battery that will track your keys. It works both ways, too, which means you’ll be able to “call” your phone.

walli Smart Wallet Accessories

Ekster smart wallet

… can be upgraded with Cash and Pocket straps to stash more cash or cards without squeezing them inside the wallet. Both are designed for the Senat model, so they won’t be compatible with any other wallet.

Moreover, Ekster offers leather iPhone cases for versions 6 and 7. It can be used as a very slim wallet for small amounts of cash and numbers of cards.

If you want to smarten up your regular wallet, you can also get the Ekster tracker card. It’s the first tracker card ever to be powered by small solar panels. Think twice before you do that, though. The tracker can be easily removed, and you’ll no longer be able to track your wallet.

ekster Smart Wallet Accessories

Cuir Ally

… thinks about people who need to write things down or just doodle. You can get a complimentary Sleek metallic pen and 30-page Voyager Booket. Even though everything gets digitalised, there’s nothing better than a good old handwritten note.

cuir ally Smart Wallet Accessories


We have to admit that we were surprised how many accessories are provided by Woolet. It seems that this company is not about the smart wallet itself but the idea of safety in general.

Not only you will find a Mini-Pen and two types of notepad (each for a different wallet size), but also charging pads in the QI-standard (one of them is even combined with a mousepad!); trackers that can be attached to keyrings, luggage, pet collars, bags, etc.; and hand-made leather iPhone covers.

Are you a fan of cycling, skating, rollerblading or another sport that requires equipment that sometimes needs to be fixed? Instead of carrying around a massive toolbox, just put this little Woolet Multitool in your wallet and be prepared, for example, to repair a loose screw. You never know when are you going to need it!

And last but not least, Woolet offers Lost&Found and cards that you put into an item you want to tag. Later, it’s included in a database, and if anything happens to them and someone else finds them, they can immediately contact the owner using the aforementioned cards. It’s a simple yet brilliant solution for bags, luggage and not-so-smart wallets.

woolet Smart Wallet Accessories

So what’s your favourite accessory from the list?

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