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As technology constantly moves forward, we are seeing more and more gadgets for the home that are becoming more affordable.
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Five Brilliant Gadgets for Your Home

As technology constantly moves forward, we are seeing more and more gadgets for the home that are becoming more affordable. For example, we used to have to break the bank for a high-quality TV but now they can be found everywhere because we have moved towards HD and beyond. With this in mind, we have found five gadgets that you never knew you needed. With these, your life will become not only easier but also more fun.


Universal Remotes

Although universal remote controls have been around for some time, we now have devices that can be linked up to over 380,000 different entertainment products. From televisions to BluRay players, you can control everything in your home with one simple remote. In addition to this, they can also be preprogrammed to do certain actions. For example, they can be set up to turn on the TV in the morning for the news.



or many years, we have been investing heavily into robots and how they can help around the house and we finally have an end product. Domgy, anagram of ‘my dog’, has been produced by Roobo and it helps to keep your home secure. As a pet toy robot, it won’t need looking after but will update you with weather forecasts, work as a guard-dog, and even use face recognition to alert you of intruders. What’s more, it will also find its way back to the charging station after four to six hours of work.


Sense Energy Monitor

With so many electronic products in the average household nowadays, Sense’s energy monitor is a fantastic way to keep an eye on energy bills. After being installed on the main electric panel, you can hook it up to your mobile phone via an app and assess your electricity usage whenever you wish. For under $300, this investment could end up saving you thousands each year.


Sony Light Bulb

If you find the average lamp to be too boring, Sony has invented a light bulb that will play music through bluetooth and even work on a timer to turn on in the morning. As an LED light, it has over 190 colours and over 30 levels of brightness meaning that you can control the mood of a room at all times. Admittedly, it costs around $240 but it counts as a lamp, an alarm clock, a bluetooth speaker, and more.


Whithings Body Cardio Scale

If you like to keep an eye on your weight, you need high-quality scales that show your weight and allows you to gauge process. With this Whithings scale, you will also get a figure for your heart rate, body fat percentage, body mass index, and even your cardiovascular health. By using the local Wi-Fi, you can control the app via a smartphone. Also, it comes with an extremely long-lasting rechargeable battery.


After seeing these five products, you will almost certainly want to learn more and this is only natural. In life, we have products that we absolutely need to survive and then we have these that aren’t life-saving, but will make everything that little bit easier.

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