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Learn about what is Crowd GPS and what are the devices that use it in this article. Everything you need to know about Crowd GPS.
Crowd GPS

Crowd GPS – Everything You Need to Know

 How many times have you lost something valuable: wallet, keys, bike or pet? You end up running around in circles in places you’ve recently been. You stick “Have you seen …” notices around the neighbourhood, call your friends and family for help, and eventually go to the police station only to learn they have more important things to take care of. What if someone else could find your lost things and all you needed to do was to click once on your smartphone screen! 

Introducing CROWD-GPS

 It may have various names: crowd GPS, crowd location, crowd finding, crowd tracking, etc. It’s based on the idea that if you lose something, you can “ask” the community of people who share the same mobile app to help you find it. You need to tag the object as “lost”, and if someone from your community comes across it, they will be notified that an object marked as “lost” is somewhere in their vicinity. After they find it, they can easily contact the owner, who will be notified via mobile app that the item has been found. Then it’s easy-peasy. 

Why is Crowd-GPS useful?

Basically, you can tag anything you consider valuable: wallets, home keys, car keys, bags, purses, backpacks, luggage, instruments cases, laptop cases, bikes, strollers … the list goes on and on. An interesting idea is to tag pets’ collars, too. You never know when your cat or dog will decide to run away. A Crowd-GPS tracker may prevent you from having to take a trip to all the animal shelters in town, and the tears of your children when their companion does not come home after several (if at all!). Crowd GPS

Which device to choose?

 We have picked a few smart devices with Crowd-GPS function in their applications.Tile Tracker – quite a big community around the globe. Considering its size, it would be very useful for bigger objects such as bikes and strollers. Disposable battery: after a year the tracker becomes useless and you can join the reTile program.TrackR – their biggest community can be found on the East Coast. It’s really tiny, which makes it perfect for wallets and pets’ collars. Rechargeable battery.Woolet – community spread anywhere in the world, with a continuously growing business. Woolet offers not only trackers for tagging items, but also smart wallets with integrated electronics, which can’t be removed. The rechargeable battery is a big plus, which can’t be found in any other device!Chipolo – the coin-sized tracker that introduced the crowd-GPS feature and is gaining more and more users. It’s really small, so you can make it almost invisible. Disposable or rechargeable batteries, depending on version. Now tell us: Which one do you like best?
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